9 September 2014

Tripod TBTD

Barriere basse rotative type tripode


  • Rotating gate with three arms in stainless steel.
  • Input and output control.
  • Removable top cover locked.
  • Central foot with hatch for fixing.
  • Integration in all types of domestic architecture.
  • Associated with swing doors.


  • Auto carrier structure.
  • Model with fixed arms manual or motorized.
  • Model with sagging arms automatic reset.
  • Simple installation and use.
  • Passage of cables in the ground.
  • Connection on DI.
  • Power supply 220 Vac


  • Sports and recreation.
  • Industrial premises.

Nos modeles tripodes standars

  • Manual fixed arms.
  • Motor fixed arms.
  • Sagging arms automatic reset.


  • Afficheurs
  • Intégration lecteur de badges
  • Finishing stainless steel AISI 316 L (pool)
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