9 September 2014

Total height turnstiles

Tourniquet barreaude


  • Turnstile manual full-height 3 Combs at 120 °.
  • Uniqueness of passage.
  • Access control.


  • Structure, part fixed and galvanized steel Rotary comb.
  • Finishing paint.
  • VFD in the upper part.
  • Configurable business logic.
  • Mechanical locking by electromagnets.
  • Input, output or both access control feel.
  • Operation with any type of access control.
  • In sense anti-fraud mechanism the other way around.


  • Parking access.
  • Sensitive sites.
  • Administrations
  • Airports.



  • 4 Combs at 90 °
  • Awning rain protection.
  • Lighting of the passage.
  • Display the sense of passage.
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